New Platinum 4 K-Laser Therapy Treatment Options in North Vancouver

By Dr. Mehrtash Amini

Providing High-Power Laser Therapy for Pain Relief to The North Shore

North Vancouver, British Columbia — March 11, 2021 — BeWell Medical Clinic is pleased to announce that it can now offer K-Laser therapy from its Platinum 4 laser for clients in the North Vancouver area and Greater Vancouver. This non-invasive technique uses the body’s own processes to repair cells, treat pain, reduce inflammation and help with healing.

The Class IV therapy laser operates on four wavelengths to maximize its healing potential, resulting in a powerful treatment that’s highly effective. It penetrates deeply into musculoskeletal tissue and accelerates cell metabolism by increasing blood flow, nutrients, cell division and excretion of waste products. All of this means that the body heals much faster, including skin, tendons, ligaments and muscles, and scarring and inflammation are minimized.

Dr. Amini from BeWell Medical Clinic says, “Our clinic specializes in pain management and anesthesia within one fully integrated model of care to improve diagnosis, medical management, and quality of life for our patients in the Lower Mainland. Acute or chronic or deep, K-Laser therapy can help.”

The P4 laser used offers more power for even faster treatments as well as specialized lenses to target the source of pain. These include a 50mm broad beam lens to cover a larger area and a 25mm lenses that focus the treatment onto a more precise area for maximum pain relief. In addition, the power can be dialed in exactly as needed to get the precise results required. 

The treatment is backed by more than 1,300 studies that investigate the healing effects of laser therapy as well as soreness, stiffness and inflammation. They found the four wavelengths used in the Platinum 4 K-Laser target everything from surface healing and increasing oxygen delivery to deeply penetrating tissue and stimulating the immune system. Pulsing these frequencies improve therapeutic outcomes while minimizing heat build-up.

Expanding Pain Reduction and Healing Therapies

The introduction of the Platinum 4 K-Laser is part of BeWell Medical Clinic’s ongoing commitment to having the latest equipment and technology to treat pain and heal injuries. This non-invasive procedure produces superior results in people of all ages, fitness levels and genders, and it can be used on chronic conditions and acute injuries.

The Platinum 4 K-Laser can also be used in conjunction with BeWell’s other treatments, including ongoing pain management involving medication, standard treatments for acute injuries, such as stress fractures and shoulder injuries, and minor procedures, such as mole removal and burn treatments.

About BeWell Medical Clinic

BeWell Medical Clinic offers a range of medical services in North Vancouver, from family physician services to pain management, musculoskeletal medicine and minor procedures. The BeWell team has countless years of experience in their fields, and they offer longer appointments to ensure all options are covered. Clients also get in-house support regarding billing, insurance, finding providers and any other aspect of the process. BeWell Medical Clinic accepts both insurance and private pay clients from its clinic on 13th Street.


138 13th St. E
North Vancouver, BC V7L 0E5

Telephone: (604) 770-0164

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