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Dr. Mehrtash Amini, MD, MCFP

Dr. Mehrtash Amini graduated from medical school in 2003. He worked in Iran for 9 years as an Emergency and Family Physician. He moved to Canada in 2011 and completed his Family Medicine Residency program at University of British Columbia following with two year return of service in a rural hospital and outpatient clinic.

He provided a wide variety of services including emergency surgical and obstetrical procedures. He is a Member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Dr. Amini has been a Physician Lead for the Telehealth Virtual Primary Care Plan of northern Vancouver Island and Clinical Instructor at the Department of Family Medicine of UBC.

Dr. Mehrtash Amini



MD, CCFP, with over 16 year of experience.

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Dr. Amini has put me at ease and showed me I will be in good hands. He is compassionate and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anybody.
J. D
North Vancouver, BC

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