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Family Physician

Our onsite family physicians will oversee all of your concerns & illnesses. We will work on your behalf to ensure you receive the best care and advice pertaining to your health.

Trigger Point Injection

Trigger point injection may be right for you if your muscle pain has not improved with other treatment, including pain medication and physical therapy. Talk to us to book your appointment.


Phone: 604-770-0164
Fax: 604-770-0165
Address: #310 - 138 13th St E North Vancouver
Phone lines are open between 9 AM - 5 PM

Explore Our Medical Clinic Services

In North Vancouver, BeWell Medical Clinic offers a range of services, from treating chronic conditions to travel medicine. Our appointments are longer, and you’ll spend the whole time with an exceptional family physician who really listens and who knows what they’re talking about. You also get an in-house support team to guide and advocate for you through questions about billing, finding providers, insurance, and more.
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We Care About Every Patient

Family physicians are uniquely trained to care for you as a whole person, regardless of your age or sex. In addition to diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses, a family physician provides routine health screenings and counseling on lifestyle changes in an effort to prevent illnesses before they develop. And, if a health condition arises that requires care from another specialist, a family physician will be there to guide you and to coordinate all aspects of your care. You and your family physician will work together to achieve the best possible outcome.

BeWell Medical Clinic, is a perceptive group of medical professionals here to help you address your concerns, improve your health, and lower your risk of disease. Schedule your personal consultation online or call the office staff today for quality care. Our mission is to develop a trusting and ongoing relationship with our patients, to better serve them and have a better treatment outcome overall.

Dr. Mehrtash Amini & Dr. Hamid Tabassi

Soroursadat M.
I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to my family Doctor, dr. H. Tabbasi for his excellent care of me.Utilizing his patience and skills, and expertise are valuable. He cares a lot about his patients and behaves as a concerned doctor and also as a counselor.He listens carefully to his patients and receives their messages exactly the way they should be, respects and if necessary refers them to specialists.Dr. Tabbassi is my best Doctor. he helped me to recover my surgical recovery, he helped me to reduce the pain in my knees. He also was a great counselor for me,He understood my situation at the workplace and he realized that I was burned out at my job due to so much unnecessary pressure on me, and helped me to recover from all those pains.I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. H. Tabbassi my family Doctor.I also send my thanks to his wonderful team .Best regardsSoroursadat Mirebrahimi
Marta C
Great service & doctor is very kind and attentive! I also want to add I had an amazing experience with Dr. Nazanin. She is truly amazing at what she does! Thanks so much 🙏
Maria Carolina Torres S.
I have been with Dr. H. Tabassi for a couple of years.I feel that he is beside an excellent Doctor a very nice human being.He is very quick, professional, friendly, and always available to listento me and even clarify and discuss alternatives and my feelings and ideas about my own health.I think Dr. Tabassi is one of the best Doctors I have ever had in my life.Thank you so much Dr. Tabassi for being kind respectful and open minded to talk about my conditions.
Hooman B.
Wonderful doctors, they are so knowledgeable and kind. But what really impressed me was their staff. The front desk staff. I have never encountered such amazing girls. I took my mother a couple of times and I've only ever really talked to the two lovely ladies who are always at the front- Christine and Lia. They are so sweet, very outgoing, helpful, and very friendly and personable, they talk to you like you've been friends for so long. Every time I sit in the waiting room to wait they are always so welcoming to every patient that comes in, even getting a smile or a laugh out of them. Your patients always tell each other how sweet you ladies are to them, you would not believe how many times i've heard them say so. Thank you ladies for always being so kind and friendly. You all work so hard and you are so appreciated. These girls are the type of girls that every office needs. They are amazing!
Minka W
Dr. Tabassi is one of the most knowledgeable, professional, and caring doctors I’ve met.
Gabrielle B.
Dr. Tabassi is the best doctor I’ve had in the north shore by far! So kind and professional.
ehdds R.
Superb Family Doctor I ever had. He look after my whole family and my friends too. He always there to help you and take care of you with hearth. He listen carefully about your problem and take a speedy action to make you feel better. I highly recommend 110% him to all of the citizen in North Vancouver, Fraser Health Region, Island Health, Northern Health, Interior Health regions and Vancouver Costal Health Regions. Thank you very much Dr. Hamidreza Tabassi for your sincerity and dedications to your job.
Jenna G.
Becoming a patient at this clinic has been the silver lining to when my prior family GP retired! I appreciate Dr. Tabassi's excellent medical judgment and have been really happy with all aspects of my healthcare. The clinic is also very organized and efficient and with the option to telehealth and video conference, I couldn't be happier. Thank you BeWell Medical Clinic - I'm so thankful to have found you!
Hope L.
Dr. Amini takes the time to clearly explain what is going on with your health and a plan to make you better. He has a positive friendly manner and I am appreciative of what he has done for my husband and I. His new office is bright and staff are excellent. So glad I have finally found a doctor I trust. This place is GENUINELY the best medical clinic I have ever been to! I cannot speak more highly of Dr.Amini and his staff, they are incredible
Arseniy P.
Dr. Tabassi is the best family doctor we've ever had. Always cares and does his due diligence checking any concerns. Extremely knowledgeable and professional.We are lucky we became his patients years ago when he just started accepting.Also, would like to point our reception, which often is a problem at most clinics. Their team is great and accommodating. Normally you have to wait for 3-5 minutes on the line, but they will help you if you have a real need to for in person meeting asap.They do not overbook and we never had to wait more then 10-15 mins after check-in, which was a nightmare at some other past places with 45 mins wait time expected.
Hchy W
I've been seeing Dr. Naz for trigger point injections for the past two months and the experience has been excellent. The clinic is modern and incredibly clean, the staff are efficient and polite and Dr. Naz is knowledgeable, attentive and skilled. Highly recommend.
Jim G.
Anna R.
Very caring and professional doctors and team. We have been with our Dr. Tabassi for more then two years. Blessed having him as our family Doctor.
Meagan C.
mahtab A.
Majid D.
Very professional Drs and staff.I am super happy with the service that I get from this office anytime I go there.Thank you Dr. Tabassi for all you do for you patients.Best.Dr. Doroudi
Joel T.
Fereydoun P.
Mahin T.
Russell B.
Dr.Tabassi truly cares for his patients. Couldn’t ask for a nicer human to trust with your health.
davoud A.
Very good services, thanks
Hossein T.
Dr. Tabassi is so professional and knowledgeable. He is always willing to listen, care, and help. Highly recommended!
Akram A.
Kevin D.
Dr Amini and all the staff are the best.the are very professional and courteous especially in these challenging times.
Svetozar Cico B.
Dr Amini is a legit medical wizard. Dude can locate the cause of pains in completely seperate parts of your body and treat you courteously and efficiently within a few sessions. Super friendly, knowledgeable and absolutely one of my favorite people. 5/5, genuinely cares for his patients and goes over and above to help.Example. Cluster headaches, no doctor could figure out the cause including multiple hospital visits. Dr Amini diagnosed the issue properly and was able to trace the pain to a few specific spots. After an excruciatingly long time taking tablets and mixed medications, he managed to help me with trigger point injections to fully relieve the pain. It comes back once or twice a year and gets corrected within 1 or 2 visits. Truly life changing when you're pain free and off medications.
Mina B
One of the most friendly staff in the clinicDr Tabassi is so kind and careful for my health that I feel as close as my relatives to himThe whole clinic has a good vibeGod bless all of them
Snoop P.
Payman Mohajer (.
Dr. Amini is my family GP. He is very knowledgeable and patient when I see him. I see him for my chronic back and shoulders pain. He provided trigger point injections (TPI) to those areas and it worked like a charm! I had tried other pain relieving treatments in the past but I found TPI to work the best. I highly recommend Dr. Amini.
Sean D.
The doctors at BeWell are really caring and thorough. My family doctor is there and he always makes sure my health is as best as can be. The staff at the office are really nice and with COVID it helps that they are also good communicators. I always feel like I was taken care of, whether that’s in the office or over the phone.
Stephan P.
My wife and I have been going to see Dr. Amini for a few years now he is the best taking great care for the patient in every way ensuring optimum health.
Adel K.
Dr. Amani is an exceptional physician. He is knowledgeable, extremely detail oriented, listens to his patients and truly cares about his patients total well-being. Everyone at his office is professional, kind and efficient. Highly recommended!
Ken B.
Dr Tabassi is excellent. He is knowledgeable, professional and a really kind and respectful doctor. I am very happy to have found him.
Ana Maria B.
De. Tabassi is a knowledgeable and friendly doctor. Who hears the patient worries and respond adequately to concerns.I will recommend him as a great doctor.
Alastair K.
Ali A.
Vahid S.
In past few years i always had a very good experience with Dr Amini by his diagnostic and his response for my medical needs.
michael R.
Iva C.
I have to express my gratitude to the whole team of BeWell clinic, especially to Dr. Baradaran and Dr. Amini who helped me to relief my excruciating pain in the lower back area. Their compassion and care for their patients is genuine. The new technics they use (K-Laser and TPI injections) are truly helping, but without doctors' patience, attention to detail and truly listening to my needs it would not work out. The whole team is amazing, including all medical staff working in the front. Great team work! I will recommend this place to all people I know. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Yassi N.
Dr. Amini is one of the carryings doctors ever. His TPI is wonderful. I had a lot of pain regards to my accident, the pain has affected my daily activities. His treatment is helping me a lot.I highly recommend
Peter T.
Anytime I visit the front desk is extremely curious and engaging. The two doctors are fantastic, welcoming and helpful.
Emily T.
Dr. Tabassi is the best. He is attentive, friendly, he listens and always takes you seriously. The office is very nice and clean, and the staff are friendly too.
Elena Van D.
majid R.
Neil W.
Ray L.
Tiana S.
Ako M
As patient, really appreciated the staff's kindness and friendly service I've received.Doctor was amazing!! I thought it was just a cold, but he heard one cough that I made and provided a medication. I never thought I had an asthma.I could sleep without coughing noon to evening straight.Thank you so much for your great service
Michael G.
I have been a patient of Dr. Tabassi for over one year now. I would highly recommend Dr. Tabassi to patients looking for a new Dr. in North Vancouver. The office staff are very friendly and helpful as well. Their new location is state of the art.
Maryam P.
Our best family doctor . He is very good doctor
Donni H.
Dr. Amini has been outstanding helping me manage chronic pain. I am in less pain with less medication than I had been using previously. I appreciate that I feel we are part of a team. He is not just telling me what to do without my input. And after struggling to find a a new doctor for several years, I I am so pleased to have found him.
Russell B.
Genuinely nice man, concerned for your well being.
Mostafa K.
Meeting Dr. Tabassi and Dr. Amini as our family physician was an excellent opportunityfor me and my wife and many of our family members . They are very kind, highly passionate andexperienced doctors . Their delightfull patience with the diseased people is admirably well known.We are most grateful to these competent physicians .The clinic is highly equipped with updated professional systems. The greatly expert and cooperativestaff are ready to help you with your needs to feel comfortable in this elaborate clinic.Dr. Mostafa Khakbiz
John J.
Absolute best family doctor!
JA - S.
Doctor Tabassi is best and professional the new Clinic is perfect
Mike A.
Great clinic and doctors. Location very accessible and modern.
Amardeep K.
Friedrich K.
Honestly the best doctor I have ever had. Dr Tabbassi cares about each patient, knows them all and their history off by heart. He is incredible to watch. My partner has a very faint heart problem that doctors don’t pick up listening to her heart beat on a regular basis...Dr Tabbassi got it first time. We both think he is the absolute best doctor on North Shore.
Sergiy F.
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BeWell Medical Clinic is a large medical facility situated in the heart of North Vancouver. Conveniently located near the Whole Foods. BeWell makes it easy to stay healthy without disrupting your daily routine.
BeWell Medical Clinic is a brand new, state of the art facility in North Vancouver. The Clinic is open Monday-Friday from 9AM – 5PM.
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