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June 2, 2021
New Platinum 4 K-Laser Therapy Treatment in North Vancouver

Providing High-Power Laser Therapy for Pain Relief to The North Shore North Vancouver, British Columbia — March 11, 2021 — BeWell Medical Clinic is pleased to announce that it can now offer K-Laser therapy from its Platinum 4 laser for clients in the North Vancouver area and Greater Vancouver. This non-invasive technique uses the body’s own processes to repair […]

June 2, 2021
BeWell Medical: Ultrasound TPI Equals More Accurate Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

BeWell Medical announces the Ultrasound-guided Trigger Point Injection technique, a new, quicker and more accurate method of diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and disorders. North Vancouver, BC – BeWell Medical Clinic has received a major boost in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal pain and associated disorders, via the ultrasound-guided Trigger Point Injection (TPI) technique, which ensures accurate […]

June 2, 2021
What's The Difference: Covid vs. Common Cold vs. Flu

Winter is the season for colds, flu, and this year, Covid-19. While most cases of all three of these viruses are relatively mild, many people are wondering this year if their seasonal cough might be something more serious. In this article, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between Covid-19, the common cold, and the flu […]

June 2, 2021
Your Complete Guide to Healthy Living in Your 50s

In Canada, almost 50% of those 51 to 60 years old have at least one serious chronic condition. That number jumps to almost 70% for those 61 to 70, and a little over 80% for those 71 and over. Of course, there are some conditions that are inevitable and unavoidable as we age. But there are certainly […]

June 2, 2021
Working From Home: Taking Care of Physical and Mental Health

Think back to February 2020. Remember the cold mornings when you’d bundle up and dash from your home to your car while trying to stay warm. Recall the long commutes on snowy roads. Remember fantasizing about skipping all of that and working from home. If you’re like many Canadians, you can vividly remember these days […]

June 2, 2021
The Role and Value of a Family Physician

Among the many different types of medical doctors and specialists in practice today, where does a family physician fit in? Primarily, they fit in with their community. They are uniquely positioned in the community, providing dedicated, hands-on care to each patient who comes to them. In general, they provide ongoing care on a more deeply personal […]

June 2, 2021
Myofascial Pain: How Trigger Point Injection Can Help

An estimated 20% of the Canadian population deal with long-lasting or chronic pain. Of these people, two in three say that their condition afflicts them with moderate pain. At least half of all chronic pain sufferers also have had their condition for more than a decade. The majority of these pain conditions trace back to myofascial pain […]

June 1, 2021
The Connection Between Mental and Physical Health and Their Impact on Each Other

If you made a list of your priorities in life, what things would crack the top ten? Everyone’s list would look different, but most people would put improving their health near the top. This often means eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise, and staying hydrated. While these are all vital parts of the equation, […]

June 1, 2021
IUD Birth Control: Knowing Your Options in BC

An Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD), or commonly known as IUD, is a long-acting reversible birth control method. It is the highest effective reversible method that lasts for years and does not affect fertility. Insertion and removal of an IUD does require a doctor’s visit. However, once a doctor inserts the device, you may forget that it’s […]

June 1, 2021
K-Laser Therapy: A Breakthrough for Pain Management and Wellness

Did you know that the laser was invented in 1960 and patented by the Bell Labs? Starting with 1961, the laser was already used in commercial applications and today it’s widely available in the medical, optics, and aeronautics industries. At the end of the day, a laser is nothing but a highly concentrated beam of light, but […]

June 1, 2021
Trigger Point Injections: Pain Relief for Headaches

Chronic headaches are both serious health issues for much of the Canadian population. One study even found that approximately 8.3 percent of Canadians (that’s about 2.7 million people) struggle with migraines on a regular basis. Do you deal with headaches often? Are you tired of relying on over-the-counter or prescription medications to try and relieve your pain? If so, […]

June 1, 2021
Pain Management: Know Your Treatment Options for Acute and Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can completely take over your life, causing a lack of energy, changes in appetite, mobility issues and much more. Because it doesn’t always have an obvious or easily identifiable cause, you may experience anxiety, depression and anger about the persistent pain that is constantly getting in the way of you living your life. […]

February 6, 2020
Pain Management Therapy Is Crucial to Sports Injury Recovery

More than 8.6 million sport related injuries occur in North America, every year. While recovery time can vary, some victims experience life-long complications. Are you living with chronic pain following a sport’s injury? Does acute pain attack without warning? These are debilitating conditions that leave many people feeling desperate. When surgery isn’t an option, some patients turn to prescription drugs for […]

January 20, 2020
6 Effective Non-Opioid Methods for Managing Chronic Pain

Approximately one out of every 10 Canadians between the ages of 12 and 44 (that’s about 1.5 million people) suffer from chronic pain on a regular basis.  Are you part of this group? Do you suffer from chronic pain but also have concerns about using popular treatments like opioid painkillers? If you answered “yes” to either (or both) […]

August 12, 2019
“Forcing A Worse Situation To Make It Better” With Dr. Mehrtash Amini

Did you know that when blood enters areas in our body, the repair is accelerated? Did you know we can force blood to enter into these areas by triggering the spots? This is what Dr. Mehrtash Amini discusses on the podcast today as he breaks down the effectiveness of trigger point injection and how it […]

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